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A service commitment
1Companies adhering to theprinciple of customer first,adhere to meet customerrequirements as their responsibilityto actively supportthe development of customerprojectsof various products.
2 The companypromisedsincethe customerordersreplywithin24 hoursdelivery,and arrange forfollow-uporder progressthroughoutcommissionerfinished goodsuntildeliveryis no problemso far.
3Forcustomer complaints, the company willfirsttimeback to thequality of managementandtreatment measureswill beidentifiedwithin48 hours,to ensure that customersprovidefast and efficientservice.
1How if received the goodsfoundproductminority?
-If thepackaging is intactfindless fat,drainfatproducts,pleasenotifyour customer servicephone, afterthe Division Iconfirm thatless fat,we will help youa replacementas soon as possibleafter receipt ofthe goods.
Tips:receipt,ifthe cartonpackaging is damaged, pleasedo not sign,andI was immediatelynotified by telephonecompanycustomer service staff,thank you.
2products have beenopenedcan also berefund, replacementdo?
-Has beenopenedby the Division IManagement Departmentdetermined topoorqualityproducts,our company willunconditionallyrefund, replacement;non-quality problemsof products andman-madecontaminationor improperuse, storageresulting inquality problemsdo not enjoy thereturnof goodsservices.
3return, replacementshippinghowto count?
-Becausecustomersbackfor their own reasons, forequal or greater valueof goodsshall be borne bythe customerto returnthe goodstoourfreight andshipping costsrequired toDivision Isend;timedue to productqualityproblems return,undertakenby the Division IDeliverycoststo returnthe goodsand freightto sendit again.
4modes of transportlike?
-After the orderis signed,the contract willrequireourdelivery to thespecified address(transportation costssubject to contract),ifthe goodsappeardamagedin transit, our company willexchange foryieldin the shortest time.
5products have quality problemshowto do?
-All complaintsaboutproduct quality,will be passedin the fastest timeto thequality of managementandtreatment measuresdeterminedaccording to the situationof complaints.Such as productquality problems,andquality controlis determinedbythe Division I,Division I will beunconditional return policy.
1Personal InformationCollection:"PersonalInformation" meansany of youridentificationinformation,including:name, gender,date of birth, ID number, address,telephonenumber, emailaddress, occupation, education level,work experienceand so on.In order to improvethe quality of service, the registeredmembers ofthe companymay require you toprovidesome personalinformation to enableus to betterunderstand your needs andto serve you,at the same time, ourright to take measuresto verifythe authenticity of thepersonal informationyou provide.If you providepersonal informationaboutanother person,then you havemade aformallicenseto others.

2.personal information:personal information youprovide willonly withinthe companyorwith theuseand sharingamong itsaffiliatesto useyour personal informationonly to betterunderstand your needsand provide you witha betterservicesor performthe transaction,whileBenmay useyour personal informationto contact youin order toprovide services to you.In any case, we do notsellyour informationor(exceptas otherwise provided inlaw)to any third partydisclosure.Allcustomer informationthrough the websiteand other channelsweobtainedonlybe used toprocess your orderneeds.
3.Oursite hasappropriate securitymeasures to ensure thatour informationis not lost,will not be abusedor altered.These security measuresinclude backing updata to otherservers anduserpassword encryption.Even though we havethese securitymeasures,but please note that

onlinethere is no "perfect
4Contact:If you have anyquestions orsuggestions, you cancontactthis websiteor dynamicmessage boardwith the company, our company willdo our utmostto resolve.


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